hitched a lift on Tiree

hitching a lift on Tiree


I’m a PhD student and freelance social researcher from Galloway, Scotland.  For more details, see my research.

I originally trained to be a sound engineer, but was pretty useless at it – so was fortunate to discover a love for public sociology as an undergraduate in a milieu of activist-academics in the (now deceased) Department of Geography and Sociology at Strathclyde University, before proceeding to study for a PhD in the same at the University of Bath.

In my spare time I mostly enjoy dandering about in the hills, drumming up support for lost causes or dancing to music written by angry women.  Good at making soup.  Like maps.


Some kind of green libertarian socialist, I’ve most recently been involved in actions around Palestine, feminism and the Trident nuclear weapons base.  I’m currently organising for Radical Independence Dumfries and Galloway.   I occasionally write for the queer feminist blog A Thousand Flowers.


The title rap&stow comes from the Gallowa “rap and stow”, meaning “root and branch” (See John Mactaggart’s (1824) The Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia, or, the … Curiosities of the South of Scotland … alphabetically arranged).  As well as appealing to my own roots as a Gallowa ruralach, in English the phrase is usually used to describe some kind of thorough or wholehearted process, often in terms of political reform – an implicit objective of the kind of public sociology I’m involved in – and the connection between roots and branches could be a metaphor for the relationships that political and social ecology seeks to change.  Er, maybe.

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